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My time with the Braider Creator


Have you heard of the Braider Creator?

No?         For Luis       Take a look

A few weeks ago, I decided to download the Braider Creator.

Every artist has days when they have no idea what kind of creation she/he will make. I definitely have such days. Sometimes, I look on the internet for inspiration. When I recreate other artists hairstyles, my results are always different than their examples. There is the difference in hair color, thickness, length, braiding skills, etc. So, I thought…the Braider Creator would be a solution for those days when I totally have no idea what to create. Also, I hoped it would introduce more variety into my repertoire. I have to say “variation, I got”. There are so many possibilities.

My daughters were curious about the Braider Creator when they saw it lying on my desk top. This week, we took time to braid and I turned the wheels of the Braider Creator. My youngest was the recipient of the first line up.

  1. Six-Strand Plait
  2. Crochet
  3. Classic
  4. Basic


We spun it again.

  1. Three-Strand Dutch
  2. Push-ups
  3. Headband
  4. Cascade

I knew immediately how I wanted to use these elements in a creation.


My girls really really loved their braids.

The Braider Creator has done a good job and is definitely allowed to stay on my desk top. We are already looking forward to the next time we spin the wheels.


The best thing about the Braider Creator is it tells you what braid to make while leaving the actual creativity up to you. In other words, the Braider Creator will not show you what the final result will look like. You yourself will figure that out, based on how you choose to piece together the elements the Braider Creator gives you.

When you download the Braider Creator and piece it together, add a see through arrow to it.


Do you want to grow your hair out? I have invited Heather Dawn Eberly (Torrin Paige) to share her long hair experience  with you.

Heather Eberly:

I’ve had long hair most of my life. About 16 years ago I had it cut in a chin length bob for a change of pace with the thought that a shorter hairstyle would be easier to take care of. Boy was I wrong!


When it was short I had to put product in it, blow it dry, and fix it every day. I missed my long hair. I decided to grow it back immediately. This time, I wouldn’t fall into the “I’m bored with it, let’s cut it” trap. I began learning how to style my own hair in more ways than one. I can do a lot of things with my hair now, and try to share what I’ve learned with others.

I’m currently maintaining at classic length because when it gets any longer than that, I start to sit on it and I just don’t like that. I’ve gotten to fingertip length a few times, but I find classic length to be my sweet spot. It took me awhile to get there because I struggled with quantity versus quality, and I’d rather it be shorter and look healthy than be longer and look dead and scraggly.


Around 10 years ago I was having neck problems, so I went to a stylist and had her give me layers. I felt like I had no hair and it lay beautifully. However, the love went out the door the first time I braided it. The length of the braid was littered with the ends of my layers poking out, it was horrendous. I had not thought of that before I went in for the cut. While it was layered, I worked on my neck muscles. Now, I have no problems. I think it also helps to move your hairstyle around a bit during the day: up in a bun, down, and braided. This relieves a lot of the scalp tenderness that sometimes happens when your hair is all piled up in one place all day. Also, learning hairstyles that disperse the hair around your head is a big help.


Genetics determine what type of hair you’ll have be it silky and fine, coarse and curly, or somewhere in between. I’m in the coarse and wavy boat, myself. As far as getting it to a more extreme length? Take care of yourself. Eat right, drink plenty of water, and take care of your body. Your hair is just another part of it. Although, I will say I think that dairy and protein help a ton. I mean, I eat a lot of dairy and protein, so maybe that’s my secret? Heh?

Other than that? Just be nice to it. Wash less, heat style less, dye less, wear it up or contain it more – just be nice to it. I’m not saying that you can’t dye it or heat style it – maybe just pick one of those things, though. Choose your torture method and try not to torture it too much.


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Creating fantasy photos

Something that gets me excited and looking forward to braid-time is when my daughter and I decide to do a fantasy photo with our braid style.

We love creating themes around our hairstyles. It is a fun way to try out new looks and keeps her interested in our routine “let’s pull your hair” time.

The photos we get from these sessions are great to post on Facebook, send to grandma, and use on our Christmas cards.

A few friends of mine decided to create a deck of cards with our daughters photos. We actually got quite into it and even challenged each other for inspiration. This was particularly fun for my daughter and we spent time together deciding what would be nice to do for styles and costumes.

12189552_891504164279555_7593793994420297301_nLater that year we did a project on Goddesses. I used the opportunity to look up lesser known Goddesses. Something other than the popular Greek Goddesses. I settled on the Celtic Goddess Cliodna (Klee-nah). Goddess of the after life, associated with the sea and beauty.

12187886_891505134279458_440782010076365973_nWith this project, I even made the dress. We had an extra special photo shoot. We went out to a great location to get the perfect backdrop. It was a lot of work, but also made wonderful memories.

Try a fantasy photo-shoot-hairstyle-day. Put it on the calendar for two weeks from now. It  makes you think differently about braid styles you want to create, wakes up your imagination, and gets you out of the copy/paste mentality of what you saw on the internet.

So, let’s have fun! Think about a style, any style that would fit for a theme you like. Fairies, goblins, goddesses, princesses, and make a hairstyle that shows the theme. We would love to see those styles in our Facebook group!

Team members 7


Our excitement to get to know you!


We are so proud to be up and running. Please anticipate our next post. The seven of us will be blogging each week for exciting new content every day. We invite you to ask us any question you have on braiding. We are confident that among us, we will find an5-strand, dutch, lace, circle, mini knot answer for you.

I hope our posts, tutorials, videos, guest artists, salon reviews, introductions to hair jewelry, and photos are enjoyable.

This is a photo of one of my favorite hairstyles. Until tomorrow, have a great night!