Do you love to braid?

Are you just getting started? Can you do a 3-strand braid on a ponytail? How about a rope braid? As a group of hair artists we are dedicated to getting you on your feet and learning the basics.

Are you good at a basic french braid?

Are you searching for something more? Have you heard rumors that there are more braids than the french braid? Maybe you have heard about the herringbone? Here at The Braid Zone, we can teach you the difference between a french and dutch braid.

Do you consider yourself a talented braider?

Maybe you are wanting to try the five-strand? Have you heard about accents? We would love to introduce you to some fun new techniques that will continue to dazzle you and your friends.

Are you a salon stylist, online blogger, or tutorialist?

Do you need new material each day or week to post? If you credit the artists posted and featured on this blog, then you are welcome to visit our site and even reuse material that you see here. If you are a salon stylist, then you have found an endless supply of new thing to learn, from the most basic to the most complicated. We as a group understand the idea of crediting another hair artist because we do not have copy rights or patents on a hairstyle. Yet, we all admit that a new braid technique is pretty exciting to learn. We seek to build a new thought process behind the hair industry and with the online user mentality. Please, care to share. If the style or technique you are recreating is original, unique, and awesome, credit the artist.

Want to be a guest artist?

Contact us! We would love to have you as a guest. If you have a unique skill with braids, we would love to learn from you and share your unusual abilities with the world. As mentioned above, we will respect your talent. When we recreate your styles, whether in a pictorial tutorial or a video for our youtube channel we will credit your name as the artist, every time. Any secret you pass on to us, will be safe. We will let everyone know who we learned it from. We are the blog group with integrity.

Thank you for joining us!

Your styling team at The Braid Zone


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