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When I use taper braids (one-strand, two-strands, four-strands, six-strands, and eight-strands) I pay attention to directionality and mirroring. Directionality is the direction you lay your pattern. As in, is it going to french on the right or left side? Mirroring is when you have two braids in the style and you want the french sides to face each other for symmetry (or have the dutch sides face each other).

heartMany people learn a pattern without understanding that they can flip it, to use it more logically on certain hairstyles. Which is fine if you are open minded when someone points it out to you…but, if you are stubborn and don’t care…you may continue blundering ahead making styles that would make more sense if you flipped the pattern.

wrong heartIn the photo below the left column has braids that taper with the french on the left side. The right column has braids that taper with the dutch on the left side. To get that to happen, I just flipped the pattern of the braid. It is helpful to know how to do if you understand the creative artistic aspect of a hairstyle.

mirroring tapers

Mirroring braids can be important sometimes. NOT always. But, yes, there are moments when you step back and realize your braid is just plain dumb because you didn’t mirror it.

mirroring mattersThe photo below shows a particularly beautiful style that would be ruined if it didn’t mirror.

junctionIt mirrors dutch in the center. The outsides are frenched. It is very lovely. Yes, if it was not mirrored and both braids dutched on the left, it could be an interesting style…especially if you throw in other details like accents. But, this has no accents and I was going for lovely.

Dirctionality mattered in the photo above. Can you visualize if it frenched in the center? Dutched on the outside? I can visualize this…and I foresee it looking like a strange and unpleasant kind of hat.

junction directionalityIf you would like to talk about directionality or mirroring braids and what that means, join in or start a conversation in our Facebook group online, we would love to see you there.

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