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Have you seen the stacked braids yet?

It does not matter what number you use to stack. It also does not matter what number you stack on top of. For instance, you may stack a french braid on top of french braid. You may stack a fishtail on top of a fishtail. Or…you may stack a fishtail on top of a french braid, vice versa.

11150191_372475922956394_2806750908233937501_nWhat about larger numbers?

Yes, you may stack a rope braid on top of a nine-strand braid. You may stack a four-strand round braid on top of a four-strand taper braid. It is up to you. What are your skills already? What are you willing to learn? The more number of strands you know, the more variations you can come up with.

13416_372930196244300_3150975892854348552_nMaybe you have seen us post ribbon braids?

If you can stack a braid on top of another braid…then, you may also add ribbon to either of the braids you are working with.

If all this talk has gotten you interested in trying…here is a video that will get you started.

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