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Rope Braids

Did you know that your hair can be turned into a rope?

Lots of people know the rope pattern. If you do not…there are many videos on the internet. Youtube has hundreds. Just type “rope braid” into the search bar. Interestingly, you may believe the video you watch is the only style that can be created with the rope pattern. A point I always try to make is that a pattern is just a pattern. It can be applied to all the fabrics in the world. What does that mean? If you see a cool hairstyle…recreate it using the rope pattern.

3-strand, french, stitch, single _(1)


French braid using three-strand pattern.





2-strand, rope, stitch, single _(4)French braid using two-strand rope pattern.

Here is a side-by-side of the fringe form done with a three-strand pattern and a rope pattern. You can see how changing the number of strands changes the look of the form. This is true with all forms: from the single shown above to the halo.

compareIf you do not know the rope pattern find a video and learn how to do it. Then, apply it to all the hairstyles you know. Just this one new pattern will double the number of hairstyles you know how to do.

RopeDon’t forget…if you learn the rope pattern you do not have to keep it separate from other strand numbers. You can blend them together in a hairstyle to create new beauty. Add a rope braid to any other strand number.

DSC_8360a copy rope bow in back copyDSC_2467 copy

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