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Hairspray v.s. Gel

What is better: Hairspray or Gel?

That depends on what you are doing. Each has its own benefit. Both have ups and downs about working with them. The circumstances of the individual hair situation will determine which is better at that time. In order for you to understand which one that is…you will need previous knowledge on your part about each product. Which means…you will need to use both products enough to understand just how they work and under what circumstances they work best under. Reading an article or watching a video will never replace the power of experience.

With that being said, here is a video explaining two scenarios and which product is best for each.

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Want long hair?

Not everyone’s hair grows as long as they would like. I have invited Andrea Colson to share her long hair experience with you.

Andrea Colson:

I have always had long hair, even when I was a little girl. I’ve never cut it short. I do trim it regularly to keep the hemline even.

11393347_854187827969115_1763908086953542155_oOnce, when I was a teenager, I cut several inches off because it had developed a “V” shape in the middle. Then, a few years later I went swimming in the ocean and ended up with a huge tangled mess. After hours and hours of combing we had to cut out the tangles.


I babied my hair for years after that. A few months ago, I started using coconut oil (which, I absolutely love)! Before that, I never considered using oil on my hair. I mainly used Johnson and Johnson’s No More Tears detangling spray on freshly washed hair.

Now, my hair care routine is this: I wash my hair twice a week. But, first, I take it down (it’s always in a bun or braid) and put coconut oil on the length of my hair, especially towards the ends and sides. I don’t put coconut oil on my scalp or the hair closest to my head. I put my hair in a bun and leave the oil in for a few hours. After I get in the shower, I will rinse the coconut oil off in cool water, then 1. condition 2. wash 3. condition. For me, that means putting Herbal Essence conditioner on the length of my hair, shampooing the top only, rinse all that out, then condition the length again. (I condition only the bottom, and shampoo only the top.) I don’t over-rinse my hair the last time, because I like the feel of a little conditioner still remaining in my hair after washing. Normally, the coconut oil has done such a great job of conditioning my hair that I don’t need a detangling spray. I do have some spray-on coconut oil and argan oil. These sprays are nice to use when my hair is dry or the ends look parched. (The coconut oil I use is from the grocery store, actual coconut oil.)


I always use a big tooth comb on my hair, never a brush or smaller comb. I do have a rat-tail comb perfect for parting when I braid. And a round brush that I use on my bangs. I blow-dry my bangs, which I wash each morning to keep fresh. When I wash the length of my hair, I do so at night. I always let the length of it air-dry. The key is to keep it draped over the side of the bed without rolling onto it, so that by morning it will be dry.

I eat a spoonful of peanut butter every day, which has been so good for my hair! I started doing this after my hair swimming accident. My hair grew very fast, strong, and healthy. I credit the peanut butter. I use an apple-cider vinegar rinse (just a spoonful of vinegar in a large glass of water) once every few months or so. This helps with buildup from hairspray, conditioner, etc.

I’ve lived all my life in the Pacific islands. First, in Hawaii growing up and now in Chuuk, Micronesia. We have summer weather year round, and I use rainwater (which is probably the real secret to my hair)! A lot of the island girls have long hair, although theirs is black and straight like Hawaiians. They can braid beautifully, and sometimes I show them braids I’ve seen online. We learn from each other. I am a Baptist missionary and teach the children in Chuuk. I love baking birthday cakes for the boys and girls in my Sunday School class. Each week I visit the hospital and meet people from many different islands in Chuuk.

Chuuk, Micronesia is actually a country made up of many tiny islands scattered across the western Pacific. We speak an island language called Chuukese, and I love to talk and sing on our Christian radio station. I have been able to travel across the ocean to remote outer islands to visit the people that live there. Friends and supporters in America send children’s clothes, toys, and other fun things like coloring books and crayons, so I can give them to the children here in my islands. I am thankful to God, not just for my hair but for the life He has given me. It’s wonderful to meet other friends through the internet who share the same feelings I do about hair. Some of my hair-friends have helped me in my mission work by giving donations or by sending things for the children. How wonderful it is when God brings people together.

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