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Braids for Today!

Are you still doing the three-strand braid?

There is a brave new world of braiding out there. The internet has exploded with a variety of strand numbers people are braiding with and creating the most elaborate and beautiful hairstyles with.

varietyThis is just a few examples of the strand numbers being used. Let’s take a look at what can be done with those strand numbers in a hairstyle.

variety 2I would like to take this moment to encourage you to learn a new braid pattern. Learn a different strand number. There is so much excitement on the internet right now with these different strand numbers. There are so many tutorials and how-to videos you can watch. Go out and learn something new today.

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Everything has a beginning. For me, braiding begins with the twist. It is a one-strand braid that is super easy to do.

1How is it done, you ask? Grab some hair and twist it. I use a rubber band at the tail end to give the bobby pin something to grab onto (while I pin the braid end in place). The band makes the pinning more secure.

twistedHow much hair is used, you ask? All of it. Some of it. Some of, some of it. There are no rules here. Your imagination is where it is at. Let’s see what you can conjure up.

cascadesAfter you twist, where to you pin? Where ever you wish. Pin the tail end, to the beginning. Wrap it all up into a bun, pin it all together into a big blob. (Try for beauty though.) Twist and pin it high. Twist and pin it low. Twist and pin it on one side. What is in your imagination? What are you envisioning? Give it a try. See how it looks.

twisted braidToo boring? Spice it up. Add some color, volume, or accents. There are hundreds of accents you can add to something like this. So much beauty to be had. Give it a go. Try something new.

1-strand, rosette, braid, tail, push-up three

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Types of Braids

What number of strands do you braid with?

Most people braid with three strands. This is a secure braiding pattern that holds well while requiring minimal effort to learn its pattern. It is a very good number of strands to work with. Taking into account the variations that can be used lends the visual diversity that can be created with three strands more valuable. Don’t forget that the three strands can be done French, Dutch, and Lace.

There are many types of braids. There are many ways to braid. You may braid with different numbers of strands. I like to braid with one strand. A fun pattern is the Pretzel Braid. It uses a knotting technique to create little rose buds along the hair while you braid your style.

Pretzels lesson

The Pretzel Braid is a soft look. The braid tends to be loose. This is appealing to many people. If you like your braids tight and sleek, this pattern may not appeal to you. If you like the relaxed look, then you may very well be attracted to this pattern. I find that adding miniature bobby pins to each rose bud in the pattern helps hold the style in place for the day. Hairspray also seems to be important for helping it last through a day.

12345Play around with this braid pattern and see what it can do for you. Thank you for joining us today at The Braid Zone. We will see you tomorrow.

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Pigtails are perfect for an adorable hairstyle.

Pigtails can be left plain for a cute-as-pie look. They can be braided. They can be turned into buns. With so many options, what will you choose to do with your pigtails.

pigtails halfWith a little practice you can get clean, even lines when making your pigtails.

The more you practice: the neater, faster, and more comfortable you will be at making them.

After you feel comfortable making pigtails and wish for something more complicated, start practicing your braids.

There are so many strand-numbers you can work with. Start with the easy braids. Just adding braids to your pigtails will give drastic results. And each strand number lends a different look.

Pigtails half bunnedIf you want to get super complicated, you can learn the multiple-strand-braids and really spiff up your pigtails.

Pigtails are a sweet place to practice braids with strand-numbers you are unfamiliar with. If the braid does not turn out well, you can always take them out and still have pigtails as a hairstyle. Also, if the braids do not turn out and you cannot bring yourself to take out the braids, you may bun them and the mistakes will be hidden and you will be left with intricate buns.

8-strand, braid, tail, cascade _

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Hairstyles created using rubber bands are typically viewed as childish.

Especially in the States, but that is only because we don’t know how to use rubber bands properly. This video will get my point across perfectly. This is an adult updo for special occasions made with rubber bands. There is nothing childish about it.

Rubber bands can make updos fast and easy if you understand the techniques for using them. Because the hair is securely anchored, it is a durable hairstyle ready for wind and rain. Give it a try. Are you looking for something less formal and more everyday?


This is created with rubber bands also (even though it looks like a braid). It works great for adults and kids alike.

12204553_897538410342797_1490946708_nClick here for the video on how to create this simple hairstyle.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with hairstyles. Your next amazing “do”, is just around the corner of your creativity.