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When do you use cornrows?

Cornrows are a great way to accentuate hairstyles. Whether you create a hairstyle using only cornrows or if you add one or two as accents…cornrows are perfect for keeping hair up and out of the way for days.

Mohawk 12Not sure how to create a cornrow?

The beauty you create is only limited by your imagination. Dream up a great new hairstyle tonight by combining the cornrow with styles you have seen before. Create the old style and simply incorporate a cornrow into it somehow.

Mohawk 8

Mohawks and Faux Hawks

It is fun to see braids that look like Mohawks.

Here are some I really like.

inge mohawks

Have you been wanting to try out a look similar to this?

Tired of looking elegant all of the time? Try an edgier style. This type of hairstyle will let that sass you’ve been hiding, shine! Just wearing a do of this nature will add some kick to your step.

Next,  decide what number-of-strand you will use for your faux hawk. If you are going for volume/height don’t forget to blossom the braid when you are done.

Not sure how to proceed from here? Check out this video for an idea.