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Would you put stickers in your hair?

I once got a sticker caught in my hair. It was not much fun getting it out. As a professional hairdresser I am always seeking new ideas for decorations to use in my hairstyles to help them stand out and shine. I would never recommend tangling a sticker up in the length of your hair…however, I would like to suggest a different way to use stickers as hair decorations. Please watch the video to see what I mean.

Notice how the sticker is not tangled up in the length.

Instead, it is carefully applied to an older child who understands the delicate nature of the situation. She understands that she has to be careful when removing the sticker and she will not accidentally sleep with it still in her hair. As with all new ideas, think it through before you decide if it is a good idea for you. Maybe it’s a better idea for someone else who is not you. We all know our lives and we all know if our situation is appropriate for any given idea.

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Where do you get your accessories?

Hair accessories can be expensive.

If you are on a budget (yet have time to spend), make your own decorations. Customize hair jewelry to your specific needs. Find just the right color, just the right size, just the right holiday!

Learn to see craft items with a new eye.

The eye of the budget-minded and trend setter. No one will sparkle the same as you. Your unique hair jewelry will stand out and set off your hairstyle exactly the way you want it to.


Wish you could make fast easy buns?

This is a tool for making quick buns. My video shows how to use it and where to go to purchase it. In the video, I show a braided bun. You do not need to braid the hair. It works if you just wrap the hair around the stem.

Are you working with thin or short hair?

Are you thinking this device is way too large? It bends, you may always bend it in half at any point in the hair styling process. And, if you lean in close, I will whisper in your ear…”you could also put a flower on the end of a pipe cleaner and it would work the same”.

So, what is the difference between using this tool, a pipe cleaner, or doing it without either?

With wire: the bun is stiff, stays in the configuration you create, and uses less bobby pins. In order to stay all-day, the bobby pins are less essential and may be used “improperly”.

Without wire: the braid is floppy and must be pinned with many bobby pins to hold the configuration you are trying to create. In order to stay all-day, the bobby pins must be used properly.

In other words, a novice will have more success with this device (or a pipe cleaner) than without. There is more “room for error” using this device. It is a simple concept, yet I never thought of it before.

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Making your own hair jewelry

Have you priced hair jewelry and walked away empty handed? Here is a tip for making your own. What are the benefits? It costs less, you get more, and you may tailor the colors to your outfits. Craft stores offer a variety of colors and sizes for gems. Some of the containers come with a thousand gems. I have drooled over buttons wishing they made hair jewelry as beautiful only to realize I can attach self adhesive Velcro to them and turn them into hair jewelry.

I have become addicted to perusing the scrapbook isle. It is filled with cute and sparkly objects to transform into hair jewelry.

Holiday season is difficult for me. I want to buy everything and use it as hair jewelry. Once you get into the mentality of “just add Velcro” it is impossible to see small objects the same. I wanted hair tinsel but wasn’t willing to fork up for it…so I got some tree tinsel. I tied it to the end of a bobby pin and had instant sparkle strands to decorate hairstyles with.

The wedding isle of any craft store is filled with fun trinkets that may be used as hair jewelry. My three favorite ways to turn crafty items into hair jewelry are to add self adhesive Velcro to it, put it on a bobby pin, and put a jewelry pin through it. Thanks for joining us at The Braid Zone. We will see you tomorrow.

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Hair accessories

I would like to introduce you to Nicolien Anthonisse. She owns (Dutch for Goldylocks).  She and her husband have an online business selling hair accessories. What makes this website so special is the vast selection (over 500 products to choose from) and the video tutorials that teach how to use the products. What more could you want? Join me in an interview with Nicolien.

Nicolien Anthonisse croppedNicolien, how did you come up with the idea to start an online store selling hair accessories?

When I was visiting a theme park with my daughter, a woman came up to me explaining that she could only do two clips in her daughters hair… ever since, I have been exploring hair and accessories. I realized there were no Dutch websites selling a diverse assortment of accessories. So together with my husband, we took the chance and in 2012 Goudhaartje was a fact.

Which product is a must-have for every household?

bobby pin

The spin bobby pins are so handy! Two spin bobby pins (more for thicker hair) can make an easy, fast and pretty updo even on yourself.

What makes your online store different from other websites in the same category?

Goudhaartje can be found on Instagram, Pintrest, Facebook and Google+. There you can see how the accessories are used in the hair. Service is very important to us, if a client wants something that we don’t have, we make an effort to find that specific product.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere. Sometimes, I get inspired when a new hair accessory arrives in our workshop and I come up with a new hairstyle that goes with the accessory. My greatest inspirations come from


My goal is to inspire people how to use accessories to create beautiful hairstyles. It’s important to show you’re thankfulness for every follow, like and comment. And last but not least, always mention your sources of inspiration out of respect for other people’s hard work.

What can you tell us about your future goals for

Goudhaartje takes orders worldwide and that is why we will be translating it into English in the near future.