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Halos for Summertime

The halo form is such a great summer braid.

Not only does it get your hair out of your face all week while your camping, it makes great beach curls when you take it down.

haloflowerThis tutorial uses the three-strand knot pattern. For great beach waves use the two-strand knot pattern instead. What accent will you make with your accent strand? Here I made a flower. Just blossom the mini three-strand braid on one side and roll it up. Pin the “flower” in place. You have a fabulous hairstyle for camping.

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Two-Strand Knot

I enjoy braiding with the two-strand knot pattern.

If you can tie a shoe, you can do this braid. It involves using two strands to tie knots as you traverse the hair. Here I am showing a popular halo form using the two-strand knot pattern. One photo has all the hair up and the other has half down. If you wish to learn the two-strand knot pattern take a look at this video.

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There are a few reasons to braid something you actually don’t like, for example:
– you do have a paying customer who insists on a specific hairstyle;
– your sweet daughter is already begging you for so long for a specific braid; or
– you just want to try and find out if you can also do it or even better.

For me: I am always loosing my interest during braiding if the braid is not going to look like the same as I had in mind. Even worse: starting a creation without being interested in the creation itself. It is a really hard job for me braiding neat and to fulfill such creation.
And of course, like the most braiders, I think, I always try to get out of creations I don’t like.

The halo form.
Under the guise of: “you must have done everything once in your lifetime”, I started to practice a halo.
As Raychel already said in an earlier blogpost: a halo is a complicated form and needs some practice. Maybe you have already found out yourself, because you already tried a few times to make a halo.
The job becomes even more difficult if you don’t like it.
And, I definitely don’t like halo’s.  I love to see perfect halo’s done by other braiders. I never feel the desire to create a halo myself.

My first attempt was not that bad; my second was really bad (if you really want to see these pics, you have to go to my FB account and search… ).
For my third (and till so far last) attempt, I picked my daughter who actually likes a halo, because I really needed a stimulant to fulfill the job.
And it worked out!

At least, I found the result good enough. I do have something in my mind with a halo in it… already for months now, and you will see as the time is there.

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Love the Halo?

Do you struggle with the halo braid? Do you love it but wish there was something else? Is the halo just too difficult to figure out? There is another option. The Fake Halo. It kind of looks like a halo. But, it is a heck of a lot easier to do and you still get that starburst look in the center. It is an easy way to knock-off the halo and requires almost no practice. Here is a tutorial on how to do a fake halo.

1 cut out

1. Make a ponytail.

Leave out the hair surrounding the face. Only put up the hair in the center of the head.


2 cut out2. Chin down.

Spread the hair from the ponytail around the person like an umbrella.

3 cut out3. Take hair from the ponytail and hair from the outside.

Try to take the same amount or the same thickness from each, so they match.

4 cut out4. Braid them together.

Gather from both the ponytail and the outside.

5 cut out5. Continue gathering and braiding all the way around the head.

Try to be consistent with your gather sizes. Try to keep them aligned as well.

6 cut out6. Take the last gather as close to where you started as possible.

The more even you are, when you braid, the smoother the end results will be.

7 cut out7. Close the gap between the beginning and the end of the braid.

If the gap is too big, try taking smaller gathers next time. Then, the braid will end where it began.

8 cut out8. Find something fun and creative to do with the bun.

The bun is the easiest place to make the fake halo your own special braid. Do your bun like no one else. Make it your signature style.

If you don’t like the fake halo or think it makes people look like aliens…try the real halo. Prepare yourself for a lot of frustration and practice though. Here is the link to the real halo.

3-strand, french, stitch, halo 9

Halo braid

So far, we have kept things fairly simple.

Today, I would like to get complicated. Really complicated.

Halo, it is not something you just decide to try one day. Before you attempt it, you may want to be pretty good at a french braid. In fact, it will help if you have done several forms, before, like the headband, single, and double. If you have zero experience making a braid travel in a direction you want it to travel, this braid will drive you bonkers!

The biggest mistake people make when creating the halo is not focusing the entire form around a single hair. Yes, I did say a single hair. Find one hair where you wish the center point to be, and take all your gathers from that point. Or, to put it differently, sliver your pie shaped gathers down to the single hair. If you cannot do this, you will end up with a line down the center of the form instead of finishing with the magical pin wheel or starburst look.

See: line = bad.halo

So, what is good about the photo above?

Well, there is the fact that someone tried. If you are not willing to try, you won’t ever make a good or bad halo. It is my personal opinion that the only way to make a good halo is to first make fourteen bad ones. Each getting better, every time you make one. I base this belief off of my own personal experience. And let’s face it, this halo is pretty epic even for having a line down the middle.

Fast forward. Fourteen halos later.

See: center point = good.

5-strand, dutch, stitch, halo, mini 2-strand knot 1

I have a video that shows how to create a halo. I hope you will try it out. Not just once, not twice, but fourteen times. Then, pop over to our braid group on facebook and post a photo. I cannot wait to see how awesome it looks after that many tries.