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Since my youth I’ve been drawn to Latin American culture and southern European countries like Italy and Spain. Movies such as the West Side Story spoke to my imagination and made me dream. Mexico is one of my favorite countries. I like the food, the music, the stories; Don Juan de Marco (with Johnny Depp), Zorro and of course last but not least Frida Kahlo.

A few months ago, I was searching for a theme to host a contest on Instagram. Folklore popped into my head. The contest was very successful and there were lots of comments and submissions. You could really see a creative outburst on the Instagram community.


Inspired by Mexican culture Dia de los Muertes, Day of the Dead  

It’s natural to add your own preferences to the braiding style that you develop. In the beginning, when you are a newbie braider, you recreate (don’t forget to mention your sources of inspiration). But when the time is right and you master several techniques, then you can challenge yourself to get more creative.

Think of elements in the design of the hairstyle like ribbon, beads, clothing, etc. Try to tell a story with your photo. Don’t just use lighting, location, and appropriate backdrops. The hairstyle itself can have unique components to distinguish it, as yours. When you work with a theme, you have a big framework in which you can find inspiration.

Think of a theme that seems interesting to you. You will notice that you find inspiration faster each time. Creativity is a process, it has to be nurtured. You will build wonderful memories and share a beautiful experience with others during the project.

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