Base Braids

Creating a canvas full of potential.

I like to braid up to a certain point and use that braid to create several different hairstyles. This is something I refer to as a canvas.

canvasThis is a nine-strand single braid with accent strands left out and the tail is sectioned out into accent strands. Once it gets to this point anything can be done with the accent strands. Dozens of possibilities are available only limited by your imagination.

A and B how toToday I will show you the rope and loose style. Use the accent strands to make a few mini rope accents. Loop the ropes in a pleasing manner and loop the loose hair around the ropes.

loops and ropesA nice dress for the client and pretty gems or jewels for the style complete the entire look. What will you do with the accent strands?

back loopsface sideTeam member 3

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